How long have you been posing for photographs?

Ever since I met my hubby, he loves taking pictures of me.

What made you decide to start My Sexy Legs?

My hubby is very proud of me and wanted to show me off to the world.

Do you prefer stockings or pantyhose?

That's a difficult one to answer, I like them both, I normally wear Stockings to work and Pantyhose when at home, just to tease my hubby.

I love seeing you wearing Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings. What is your favourite colour?

Definitely got to be Black.

Where do you buy your Fully Fashioned stockings?

Normally from Christel Nylons, I have lots of members that spoil me though with Nylons and over gifts.

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments during your outdoor shoots?

Yes when someone appeared once and said 'you can't do that here'

How many pairs of high-heeled shoes do you own?


Since My Sexy Legs started, you have posted hundreds of different updates. Do you have any special favourites?

I like them all but then I'm biased as I am in every pic :)

I love the shots of you and Bubbly Blonde together. Do you plan to do any more?

It's not always possible due to our different work commitments but we do get together when we can.

Is it possible to meet you?

Sorry I am very happily married.

Can I send you clothing to wear in a shoot?

Yes please do, you can get the address to send to from my Customer Support

Who takes your photographs?

Normally my hubby, Bubbly Blonde sometimes takes them when my hubby is too busy or not around.

Have you ever been recognised when going about your normal daily business?

Yes by someone who has been a member since I first started my Web Sites, we took the children to a park in Staines and he happened to walk past, he wasn't sure it was me though until he mailed me later that day.

What is your ultimate turn-on?

Teasing my poor hubby, I am so cruel to him :)

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